Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Coldplay is one of my favorite bands.   I waited two years for their show to finally come back around to my area.  Back when tickets went on sale, I got up early on a Saturday morning to pull tickets. I was all set up with three computers ready to rock. I bought a set of amazing floor seats, only to find out that the "C" indicated Club Level, not Floor Center. Luckily enough, my brother-in-law had an extra set of floor seats which I was able to buy off of him. In the end I wish I'd ended up sitting in the Club Level instead of in the floor seats behind the tools who raised their hands every 30 seconds, blocking my view.

Other than that, the concert was great. They set up a stage in the back of the arena and performed a few songs.  Also, they had everyone wear different color wrist bands which lit up like a Christmas tree along with the music. The last concert of theirs that I went to, their drummer, Will Champion, actually sang one of the songs.  He had an amazing voice and it was cool to get to see their other talents. I was disappointed that they didn't do that again. I would definitely recommend seeing Coldplay next time they are in your area.

Guy Berryman
Chris Martin walking back up to the main stage. 

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