Monday, August 19, 2013

Printed Shorts...

Shirt: J.Crew, Shorts: J.Crew (similar),  J.Crew (similar), Shoes: Sperrys

This last weekend my husband and I took our daughter to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful.  We had a lot of fun at the geyser.  My daughter was a perfect little angel the whole drive to Yellowstone, the whole time we ate lunch and then cried the entire time the geyser went off.  Hopefully the next time we take her she'll do a little better!

I love the Sperrys that I'm wearing in the first shot because they go great with shorts and pants.  They are perfect to traveling because they're comfortable for walking around and are really cute.  I have the pair with the bright pink on the bottom because I feel that they're a little edger than the classic Sperry and, bonus, they're on sale now!


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  2. Beautiful shorts, love the shirt too :)

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